It was over 40 years ago that Douglas Osmond Sr. opened Osmond's Furniture on the corner of Adelaide Street and George Street in historic downtown St. John's, Newfoundland.

1972 was a busy time for the Canadian economy and at the same time Doug Sr. was starting Osmond's Furniture other Canadian families were opening their doors producing, what we now know as, some of the finest quality furniture in the world. The relationships the Osmond's have built over the years have grown strong partnerships today between The Osmond family and dozens of families manufacturing fine furniture products here at home in Canada. These are the companies that support our Canadian economy and the Osmond's believe very strongly in keeping our dollar close to home. "Over the years we've kept our focus on Canadian manufactured products, because we strongly believe in both supporting our Canadian economy and the value that quality Canadian manufacturers can provide to Osmond's customers." Matthew says, "This search for value in quality is what led us to focus on providing Solid Wood furniture that Osmond's manufacturers produce."

Doug Senior's youngest son Doug Jr. began helping his father at a very young age. Doug Jr. remembers loading up the family station wagon and going on long trips to do deliveries in the evenings with his father. They would pick up furniture in the morning from the railway, serve customers at the shop in the day, and deliver what was sold that evening.

Osmond's eventually needed more warehouse space and started with the second and third floors above Furlong's Central Barbour shop on the corner of Duckworth and Adelaide Street. Over time Doug Sr. purchased Furlong's Central Barbour Shop building for store expansion.

Around the time Doug Senior was retiring, the City of St. John's expropriated Osmond's new store front for construction of the City Hall Annex and Osmond's began a search for a new, larger location that they so desperately needed.

After two short moves Osmond's found a home with lots of floor space and their own parking lot (a rare commodity downtown) at 504 Water Street West in what was well known as the original Hickman Motor's Building, across from what is now The Railway Coastal Museum.


"There's usually about one customer every week who comes and sits in a sofa in our showroom and reminisces about the first furniture purchase they made back in our small store on Adelaide Street," says Doug Osmond Jr. "I remember when we were on Adelaide St., dad would have furniture hanging from the ceiling! He had a focus on selection, the larger the selection we could have, the better. It's for our customers, so they can have as much choice as possible. Apart from our showroom we also keep a large stock of furniture on hand in our warehouses. We can order just about anything but a lot of the time it's nice or necessary to have your furniture right away. That's something I've carried over into how I run the store now. It's not always the best displayed furniture showroom, but it's some of the best quality furniture you'll find in the industry, and it allows us to have one of the widest selections of furniture in the country!"

"It's been great to find families like us in business building quality furniture in our own country. It's a repertoire of furniture we're proud to provide to Newfoundlanders today. It's the pride and attention to quality and service that brings Osmond's customers, their friends and family back to experience." Matthew comments, "A lot of our customers today are customers whose parents purchased their first sofa set or first living and dining room set from my grandfather over 30 years ago and have been coming back for that same quality and service ever since."

We're all still here!

As Osmond's has steadily grown, the whole family has come to help out at the store at one point or another. Doug Osmond Sr., now long retired and in his mid 80's, visits the store regularly.

In the late 1990's Doug Jr.'s wife Barb retired from her nursing career to help with Osmond's growing clientele. In 2002 Matthew Osmond - Doug Jr.'s oldest son - graduated high school and began working at the store full time while completing his degree in Business at Memorial University. At that same time Matthew's good friend, and friend of the family, Chris Kelly also joined the Osmond's Furniture family. Today with a combined experience of over 100 years, you can be sure you're in good hands.

Drop down and see us! We'd love to meet you and we're here to help!